Public Housing Blocks To Have ‘Solar Energy’ rooftops from This MayTop Stories

September 02, 2017 08:42
Public Housing Blocks To Have ‘Solar Energy’ rooftops from This May

All Public housing blocks from this May will be designed with “Solar Ready” roofs, said the Housing and Development Board (HBD) on Friday. The blocks will come with features that enable solar panels to be easily mounted and maintained, in a move to harness solar energy to power common estate services in HBD developments, the agency said.

This Initiative will apply to public housing blocks with at least 400 sq m of open roof space after setting aside space needed for essential services such as water tanks, water pumps and lift rooms. This will enable more production and effective installation on HBD roof tops.

HBD explained that in older blocks, installation of solar panels on rooftops would require retrofitting and construction works would include re-wiring the building link the solar panels to switch room.

According to HDB, it takes 25 days to install solar panels on a solar- ready roof, And for retrofitting the old rooftops it would take around 40 days. Also the manpower costs are 40 percent more for retrofitting of old rooftops.

There are space constraints for installation of solar panel due to placement of other essential block services and also overall design space of roof. So more time would be needed to assess where to place these solar panels so that more sunlight can be received and maximized while not causing any obstruction to essential building services.

In comparison, latest “Plug and Play” approach reduces time and labor required to install solar panels, said Statutory Board. Announcement came after the successful installation of solar ready roofs at 6 residential buildings at Punggol Edge, which was completed in June Last year. HBD said that already a total of 18 projects were designed with solar-ready roofs.

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